So it is not your first time in Estonia, you were here last year and won the contest. Have you noticed any changes here coming back after a year?
Well this year there was no snow for the first days, so it was cool to see the city actually versus everything being covered in slush. Other than that it is the same place, amazing food, really friendly people and Simple Session course is amazing.

Speaking about the course – do you like it? Any comments?
I love this course. It is massive. Everything is big, so all the lines have huge transfers and that is what I like doing.


Do you have any kind of a special trick you would like to go for in the finals?
I do not know yet. I am going to figure that out during the practice tomorrow. I have some ideas, but I am not sure if it is going to work out yet.

Who are your favourite guys you would love to see do good in the finals?
Like Ke'chaud (Johnson) or Denny Leon, maybe Jaime (Mateu) will put it together and get something sick down or David Gravette.



How many boards did you bring on this trip?
I brought my board and two spare boards.

Any fun stories so far on this trip?
Not so far, I mean, I went to a club once, it was pretty fun, but nothing too crazy yet.

What is next for you?
My next contest is in Peru in March. This year I am going to start filming for a video part, but will see how fast it gets done with all these contests. It is hard to film between contests.