Arturs Bogdanovics a.k.a Mr. Boga - one of the most known, well respected and successful skateboarders from Latvia. His other passion - photography - is focused on skating and it's lifestyle, therefore he usually seeks to multitask even during the international contests. 

Currently being the first ever and only one included in Latvian Olympic unit Arturs will be making his way towards the Olympic Games 2024. 

The best way to get familiar with Arturs' photography is to scroll through his photobook "Ohota na molodostj" that has reached readers all over the world and received tons of good feedback. Another work of his is in collaboration with RajonTV - a photozine covering a local skate tour "Latgalian Cruise". Arturs finds tangible material as more valuable even in this era of digital photography and social media. 

sumka skatebags - Arturs' DIY project of skateboarding bags that started from a bag made out of old pair of pants and now has escalated into a personal brand that is developing and spreading among skateboarders. 

"Mr. Boga" has escalated from a simple nickname into a pseudonym behind which stands a versatile public figure. Boga is always on the run, trying to do his best and collect all the experiences in front of him, while staying focused and keeping his ambitions high and dedication strong. He is a true ambassador of creative thinking and dynamic living. 


2019 Baltic skateboarding champion

2021 Latvian skateboarding champion

Ranked 11th overall in World Cup Skateboarding 2021

Latvian Skater of the Year 2021

Ghetto Games Awards 2022 "Skateboarding" nominee winner

The power is in the moustache!

Get in touch with Mr. Boga himself on social media or via email:


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