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Who / what is Mr.Boga!?

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It's a pseudonym 


Arturs "Mr.Boga" Bogdanovics - skateboarder and photography enthusiast making these two passions run side by side. While being one of the most known, well respected and successful skateboarders from Latvia, his photos live skateboarding, introduce different characters, express positive emotions and define joy of life.

Currently being the first and only skateboarder in street-style to be included to a part of Latvian Olympic community and fighting for the chance to shine at the Olympic Games 2024 in Paris. 

 - 2019 Baltic skateboarding champion

 - 2021 Latvian skateboarding champion

 - Latvian Skater of the Year 2021

 - Ghetto Games Awards 2022 "Skateboarding" nominee winner

The best way to get familiar with Arturs' photography is to scroll through his photobook "Ohota na molodostj" that has reached people all over the world.

"Mr. Boga" has escalated from a simple nickname into a pseudonym behind which stands a versatile public figure. Boga is always on the run, trying to do his best and collect all the experiences in front of him, while staying focused and keeping his ambitions high and dedication strong. He is a true ambassador of creative thinking and dynamic living who loves to create and entertain. 

It's an upcoming brand 

It might be a small brand so far, yet it stands for high quality and passionate serving. No matter if it's a t-shirt or a photo magazine, there has been efforts and masterminding. Making sure that the brand takes care of the name that it carries and the name speaks for the brand. 

Hard copies at this point is the majority of the products that the brand has presented. Consider Mr.Boga a small publishing brand. Tangible photo prints, books and magazines accompanied by words and stories have completely different value. 

Take a look in the shop to see what's there to offer! 

And look out for future collaborations! 


It's a platform in the making 

If you take a deeper dive into this website you will already find some valuable and appealing visual information. Photos taking you back to the venues you may or may have not attended. Stories bringing back memories that you may not remember or never knew. 

It's a lot of skateboarding at this point, but it's on the way to something bigger. Mr.Boga will be telling more than what happens in the skatelife. It will introduce you to people, let you know what's going on in the world where people create things and work on their own stuff just like Mr.Boga does. 

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