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Photozine "Kurāmō Voyage"

After a successful trip through Latgale in the summer of 2021 (later expanded as a successful photo/video project under the title of Latgalian Cruise) it only made sense that we need to proceed our expeditions to the Latvia's historic regions. In July 2022 we filled up two minivans and one MINI Cooper with local skaterats and drinks from our sponsors and headed to Courland (Latvian: Kurzeme; Livonian: Kuramo).

Street skating, accommodations by the mother nature, a contest in the middle and lots of fun. Even though we were holding to the same concept, this tour turned out to be something different and special. What went down and how you can see in my new series of a photo magazine.

76 pages

Digital & film photography

Precious stories in English


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