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Photobook "Ohota na molodostj"

Photobook "Ohota na molodostj"

The fantastic first book from Riga, Latvia's Arturs Bogdanovic, a trip around Europe following skateboarding, taking in Pushing Boarders, CPH pro, Berlin, the Euro Champs in Russia and more. It's a great document of a time spent travelling with skateboard, and is completely devoid of any cynicism and is 100% uplifting and positive. Since many Latvians still perceive skateboarding as an irresponsible and useless activity only for kids, Arturs wanted to set the record straight and paint the correct picture (or photograph it) and show people how much more skateboarding is than the simple act of skating.

174 pages with 254 photos of both digital and 35mm photography.

    20,00 €Price
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