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Photozine "Latgalian Cruise"

Photozine "Latgalian Cruise"

15,00 €Price

On a hot summer weekend RajonTV's patriots gathered together to go on a skateboarding journey throughout one of Latvia' s most unexplored and probably unskateable regions - Latgale. The mission included classic milestones like successful skate sessions, plenty of fun, beer consumption, stacking of footage, but with addition of sending a package. But nobody new to whom would it would be addressed. I joined the trip on the last two of the four days and was lucky enough to collect enough still captures to stock up the package with this zine.  Enjoy the photos and stories - both retelling and fictional yet ridiculous. Get to know a new scientific field in skateboarding culture. Have an insight to skate spots of wild Latgale. Basically, this zine became a package and it is up to you to find out who is this for. 
55 pages of digital & film photography and precious stories in both English and Latvian

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