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Photozine "Tension in Zemgale"

A third series of RajonTV exploring our country's historical regions put together in a photozine. For the third consecutive year RajonTV gathered more than 20 Latvian skateboarding fanatics and headed down south to see what Zemgale (technically also Selija) has to offer skate-wise. The title was once again born only after the trip as most of us admited that this year was mentally toughest one so far. At the same time it was the most powerful one when we look back at it from the aspect of tricks that went down. Anyways, this photo magazine is here to show that despite all the tension we had, the tour was still a major success with loads of fun, plenty of crazy stuff and wonderful adventures. Some low points we had are presented through the prism of humor in order to entertain you - the reader - and let us - the participants - look back at it all with a nice laugh and strong will to hop back in the van (that by the way had a broken rear window) again next summer.

80 pages

Digital & film photography
Precious stories in English

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