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We Could've Gone To College


Arturs Bogdanovics a.k.a. Mr. Boga


Skateboarder, photographer and all-around creative mind:

 - skating since 2007; Latvian and Baltic skateboarding champion; first and only skateboarder in Latvian Olympic unit; Latvian Skater of the Year 2021; Ghetto Games Awards 2022 "skateboarding" nominee winner

 - watch Boga's newest street part here

 - explore Boga's portfolio of action sports and lifestyle photography and read his articles 

 - author of photobook "Ohota na molodostj"

 - owner of DIY skateboard bag brand sumka

 - freelance skatepark designer with a knowledge of project and sales management, event coordination and organizing

 - public figure active on social media, taking parts in social and sport's campaigns 

 - doing it with support from Boards.lv skateshop, Almost skateboards, Mind Work Ramps, sumka skatebags, The Spot Center, Rahbarber

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