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Photobook "Ohota na Molodostj"

(from Russian охота на молодость - the hunt on youth) is a photobook that showcases my portfolio that I've collected for the past years and represents the lifestyle that I'm in to the rest of society. I feel like it was important to come up with such thing in Latvia, since many post-soviet citizens here still consider skateboarding as an irresponsible and useless activity only for youngsters. The slogan used to be written on my griptape; it sounded nice in Russian.

Once I began working on this book, I realized that the slogan also defines my chosen photo stock and so it became the title. Youth is the period of our lives that is filled with new experiences and powerful emotions the most. That is what makes that period one of the best of our lives. With the title I want to propose the everlasting strive for action and joy. I feel like that is what should be fueling our fire every day. We all grow up and get more rational, but we should never lose that youngster mind-set in our souls. And I feel like that is what skateboarding reflects that perfectly. So these photos and words are one of my weapons of choice when it comes to a hunt on youth. Though the moments and emotions of people, who are seen in most of my photos, must be theirs. From my good buddies to professional skaters, from local spots to Copenhagen Open, from contest to afterparties in Russia during Euro Champ. Lots of skateboarding and a little bit of something else. The book has it all and even more.

174 pages

254 photos of both digital and 35mm

~3800 story telling words

Entirely in English


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